Izumi Crane Museum and Crane Park (出水市ツル博物館クレインパークいずみ)

Hokusatsu Area Museum

Japan’s only crane museum boasts everything there is to know about cranes. Eagle-eyed visitors will notice the impressive building is shaped to imitate a crane’s wings warming an egg, all inside a landscape designed to represent wetland and grassland environments. Crane Park Izumi is the perfect place to visit before heading to the Crane Observation Center where you can catch a look at the birds in their natural environment. But it’s also worth a visit throughout the year, outside the crane season (November to March).

Izumi as a resting ground for cranes

Of the 15 species of crane in the world, eight of them migrate to Izumi for the winter. About 60 species of wild birds (about half of the species living in Japan) also winter in Izumi, making it Japan’s largest bird migratory ground. The reason is geography.

More than 100 years ago the wetland the birds love was reclaimed from the sea. While it was off limits to people it became a haven for cranes who could stay undisturbed. Soon cranes and other wild birds were flocking to Izumi from Siberia and north-east China. In recent years, 10,000 cranes have been recorded annually. As Izumi is thought to be the only site in the world where this high number of cranes coexists near civilization, Izumi’s migratory lands are a designated special natural monument.

Crane Park Izumi explains this history and geography through a range of colorful, interactive exhibits. Check out the unique characteristics of each crane through life-size models and find out the role of Izumi in the birds’ lifecycle. There are also fascinating insights into how and why local people are working to care for the cranes from afar and to conserve the area. Whether you are a bird enthusiast or simply curious, this museum has something to interest you.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県出水市文化町1000番地
Telephone Number 0996-63-8915
Business Days/ Hours Business Hours
[Time] 9:00am~5:00pm

Closed days

Closed days
Open all year round - Mar
Fee Adults ¥320
Website Visit Japanese Website
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