Farm stay experience (農家民泊(出水市))

Enjoy farming and homemade dishes in the Japanese countryside

Hokusatsu Area Hands-on Experience Farmstay Culture

Highlight Best 3

 1.   Experience a real, working farm in rural Japan
 2.   Feel part of a Japanese family
 3.   Indulge in delicious farm-to-fork cuisine

With coastal plains, fertile fields and plentiful orchards, Izumi is known as one of Kagoshima’s larders. Across the city, farmers work year-round to grow top-quality local and seasonal produce, from staples such as rice and green tea to root vegetables and tropical fruits. Izumi farmers love what they do so they are opening their homes and farms to share their joy of the countryside with others. Join the farm stay two-day one-night package for a once-in-a-life-time experience of rural Japan.

Field to fork with a host family
Kind and friendly, the farmers will introduce even the most seasoned city dweller to easy, comfortable countryside living. Day one involves the farm experience and dinner. Hosts will introduce the characteristics of their land and how to tend to their produce. Try your hand at weeding and watering or pruning bushes. Learn the best way to harvest, from picking an orange to pulling carrots.

Freshly harvested produce tastes the best, so your hosts will prepare it for dinner. Join them in the kitchen to find out more about home-made Japanese dishes and even try making some together in this wonderful farm-to-fork experience.

After cooking, hosts and visitors come together to enjoy a home-cooked meal, great conversation and even traditional Japanese games. Some hosts also offer evening entertainment such as star gazing, wild deer observation or firefly tours.

Cultural activities and transport
On day two, hosts can escort participants to some of Izumi’s other tourist attractions, including the Izumi-Fumoto samurai area where they can experience kimono wearing or riding in an ox-driven cart.

At lunchtime, hosts will introduce some more delicacies at a local restaurant before taking you to Izumi Station where the experience ends. Pick up on the first day is also at Izumi Station.

Basic Information

Address 899-0203 鹿児島県出水市
Telephone Number 0996-79-3030
Business Days/ Hours Business Days
Fee Adults:about¥15,000~(For 1 night and 2 meals)
Group size 1 ~ 4 people
Application deadline 3months to 7 days prior
Directions The meeting place is at Izumi Station.
The host family will pick you up and drop you back at the station.
Website Visit Website
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