Stroll around samurai residences in a kimono that you can take home! (着物浴衣体験)

Visit old samurai residences and get dressed in a kimono and obi that you can take home as souvenirs

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Highlight Best 3

 1.   You can take home the kimono and obi (both made of silk) you get dressed in
 2.   Free tea ceremony experience at a samurai residence for groups of 5 or more
 3.   Includes admission to the samurai residences and the Fumoto History Museum

[ Selling points ]
You can take home a kimono and obi
For yukata experiences, you can also take home the undergarment and sandals, so you can go home in your yukata
You can come empty-handed

[ Points of note ]
※ If applying in advance, please tell us your height
※ Men may not take their kimonos home (rental only)

October-April: KIMONO dressing experience
May-September: YUKATA dressing experience

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Basic Information

Address 899-0201 鹿児島県出水市緑町1-3
Telephone Number 0996-79-3030(一般社団法人出水市観光特産品協会)
Business Days/ Hours Everyday
[Time] 8:30am~5:15pm
[Duration] Approx. 2-3 hours
Fee <<Travel Periods : October-April>>
■Wearing KIMONO and Tea Ceremony in Samurai residence
【You may keep a kimono as a souvenir. (Women-only)】
 Cost : ¥10,000 per person
【Experience-Only Package for Men】
 Cost : ¥6,500 per person

<<Travel Periods: May-September>>
■Wearing YUKATA and Tea Ceremony in Samurai residence
【Experience-Only Package for Men or Women】
 Cost : ¥5,500 per person
Group size 2 ~ 40 people
*Tea Ceremony: Minimum 5 people (4 people or less : Excludes Tea Ceremony)
Application deadline 10 days in advanc
Other conditions Free tea ceremony experience available for groups of 5 or more
Where to apply
Website Visit Website
Visit Japanese Website
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Notes Izumi City Tourism and Local Products Association
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