Izumi: Japan’s top crane wintering ground (鹿児島県のツルおよびその渡来地)

Designated a special natural monument

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Every year more than 10,000 cranes from Siberia and China winter in Izumi, Japan's largest migratory ground. The number and variety of migrating birds is said to be the highest in Japan, resulting in the designation of Izumi as a special natural monument.

Crane numbers reach their peak in December and January, but cranes and other wild birds can be seen from November to March. In 2018, more than 17,000 cranes were counted. The elegant sight of such a high number of cranes in the sky is a symbol of winter in Izumi.

During daylight hours, visitors can easily watch the birds in their natural environment, doing daily activities such as pecking at the ground, mending their wings or dancing. But seeing them spread their wings and take to the skies for food at 6:30–7am, will take your breath away. Head to the platform of the Crane Observation Center to catch this spectacular sight.

Both the Crane Observation Center and Crane Park Izumi offer information about the cranes and their habitat as well as conversation efforts in the local area.

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Nov - Mar

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