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Northern Satsuma Peninsula

Japan's Number 1 Crane Migratory Ground

This one-and-only scene is designated as a special natural monument of the nation.
Every year between mid-October to December, more than 10,000 cranes come from Siberia to winter until March in Izumi, Japan's largest migratory ground.
The number and variety of migrating birds is said to be the highest in Japan, designated as "Kagoshima Prefecture's Cranes and their Migrating Grounds", a special natural monument.
Of course the sheer number alone is astonishing, but the elegant appearance of the cranes spreading their wings and taking to the skies as one can only be seen here and is a symbol of winter in Izumi.
The number of birds is at its highest between December and January but the cranes can be seen from November to March. Last year a new record was set with more than 17,000 cranes counted.
During the wintering period, you can watch leisurely at relatively anytime to see the birds doing such activities as pecking at feed, mending their wings or dancing. However, we recommend visiting the viewing platform between 6:30 to 7:00 in the morning to watch in the soft glow of sunrise as the cranes simultaneously take off from their nesting place in search of food. This beautiful and elegant sight is enough to take your breath away and is the highlight of the experience.
If you want to watch the migrating cranes in Izumi, we recommend the "Izumi City Crane Observation Center" standing right in front of the reclaimed land used as the crane's nesting ground. While you view the condition of the cranes from the 2nd floor observation platform, you can also learn about the crane migratory ground.
Also, if you want to know more about the cranes in detail, be sure to stop by "Crane Park Izumi", Japan's only crane museum.

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Event Days Nov - Mar       [Notes] Depends on the year
Telephone Number0996-63-2111  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Crane Tour Bus December 1, 2016 (Thu) ~ February 28, 2017 (Tue)
The "Crane Tour Bus" will be in operation, taking visitors from Izumi Station to the Crane Observation Center and Izumi's Samurai Residences.
1000 yen charge, may board and disembark freely