Kurokami Buried Shrine Gate (黒神埋没鳥居)

The tale of Sakurajima's fury laid bare for future generations

Nakasatsuma Area History and Culture

Sakurajima (Cherry Blossom Island), as its name suggests, was once an island until 1914, when a massive eruption connected it to Kagoshima's eastern peninsula.
The eruption lasted for a month, spewing more than 3 billion tons of lava and burying 687 houses.
The roughly 3-meter (10-foot) torii gate of Kurokami Shrine was buried, with only its top beam still visible.
Rather than excavate the gate, the village elder chose to leave it buried as a testament to the eruption's menace for future generations.
Standing quietly next to the gate, as if nestling against it, is an old ficus tree that miraculously survived the eruption.

Basic Information

Address 891-1401 鹿児島県鹿児島市黒神町(黒神中学校横)
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