Sakurajima International Volcanic Sabo Center (桜島国際火山砂防センター)

Nakasatsuma Area Hands-on Experience

At this facility, visitors can learn about debris avalanches and sabo, or erosion control, at the active volcano Sakurajima, in an easy-to-understand manner through videos and models.
Visitors can also learn more about Sakurajima's history and past major eruptions.
The Sakurajima VR Theater provides an impressive 360° drone view of the off-limits area, which is normally not able to be seen.
The center also monitors debris avalanches and the volcano's activity, as it is an evacuation facility in the event of a natural disaster.

Basic Information

Address 891-1541 鹿児島県鹿児島市野尻町203-1
Telephone Number 099-221-2030
Business Hours 9:30~17:00
Fee Admission is free.
Directions Car: Approximately 6 minutes from Sakurajima Port.

Bus: Take the Sakurajima Island View Loop Bus for the B Course and get off at the Sakurajima International Volcanic Sabo Center. (The bus for the A Course does not stop there.)
Website Sakurajima Island View Bus


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