Kaimon Sanroku Fureai Park & Campsite (かいもん山麓ふれあい公園・キャンプ場)

Nansatsu Area Nature, Seasonal Flowers and Scenic Spots

Kaimon Sanroku Fureai Park sits at the foot of the graceful Mount Kaimon, which is also called "Satsuma Fuji". The park is blessed with a vast natural environment. The road near the park is lined with cherry trees that spread their blooms during cherry blossom viewing season.
◇Typical best viewing period: Late March - Early April
◇Number of cherry trees: ~500

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県指宿市開聞十町2626番地
Telephone Number 0993-32-5566(かいもん山麓ふれあい公園)
Website Visit Japanese Website
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