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Iwasaki Art Museum

Artworks ranging from French paintings dating back to the 19th century to modern paintings
  • Iwasaki Art Museum1
  • Iwasaki Art Museum1
In a corner of the Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel is an art museum displaying the collection of Yohachiro Iwasaki.
In addition to works by Kuroda Seiki, Seiji Togo, and other Kagoshima-born artists, the collection also includes paintings from around the world dating from the late 19th century to today.
The museum also boasts a rich array of paintings, Nihonga (Japanese-style paintings), and calligraphy drawings by Japanese artists.

Basic Information

  • Wi-Fi
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Prayer Room
  • Barrier-free Facility
  • Rest Room
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Business Hours Open all year round       [Time] 8:00am~5:00pm      
  • Adults ¥300
Directions10 minutes by local bus from JR Ibusuki Station; get off at Iwasaki Hotel and walk 3 minutes
Telephone Number0993-22-2131  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県指宿市十二町3755   Directions