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Southern Satsuma Peninsula Area

Jian Zhen Memorial Museum

Learn all about the Buddhist monk from Tang-dynasty China
Braving stormy seas, rough waves, and a crackdown on smuggling in his tireless quest to spread Buddhism in Japan, Jian Zhen finally landed here on his sixth attempt.
This museum, built to commemorate Jian Zhen's great achievements, tells the story of his passage to Japan and his life in detail through exhibits and videos.

Basic Information

  • Wi-Fi
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Prayer Room
  • Barrier-free Facility
  • Rest Room
  • Parking
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Business Hours [Time] 9:00am~4:30pm      
Closed days Mon      
  • Adults ¥200
  • Children ¥100
DirectionsApprox. 45 minutes by car from Kaseda bus stop
Approx. 90 minutes by car from central Kagoshima City
Telephone Number0993-68-0288  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81