Learn techniques for making nationally-designated traditional crafts from a master craftsman (【体験】彫金 風鈴づくり)

Learn techniques for making nationally-designated traditional crafts from a master craftsman

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Highlight Best 3

 1.  A chance to experience techniques used to make traditional crafts
 2.  An easy experience for people of all ages
 3.  You can take home your finished product

[ What to know for a better experience ]
・ The experience will go more smoothly if you think of a design in advance
・ The tone of your wind chime depends on the depth and volume of the engraving
・ You can practice engraving before starting on the real thing
・ Your wind chime can be used as a Christmas ornament
・ If you make arrangements in advance, you can also participate in an experience at Sakura no Yakata (in Iwaya Park), which is deeply associated with Buddhist altar fittings

[ Points of note ]
・ Children aged 10 and under must be accompanied by a guardian
・ Detailed designs and small designs are for experts
・ Be aware of the correct orientation of the wind chime and its design

Basic Information

Address 897-0215 鹿児島県南九州市川辺町平山6140−4
Telephone Number 0993-56-0240
Business Days/ Hours Closed days
SunSatNational Holidays

Business Hours
[Time] 10:00am~4:00pm

Business Hours
[Notes] Duration of event: Approx. 30 minutes
Fee Hands-on Experience ¥1,700
Group size 10~15 people
Application deadline 14 days in advance
Other conditions Experiences also available for other crafts made with Kawanabe butsudan (family Buddhist altar) techniques
Where to apply Kawanabe Butsudan Kogei Kaikan: info@kawanabe-butudan.or.jp
Venue Kawanabe Butsudan Kogei Kaikan
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Directions Approx. 10 minutes by car from the Chiran Samurai Residence Complex
Approx. 60 minutes by car from central Kagoshima City
Website Visit Japanese Website
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