Roadside Station Osumi Yagorodon Densetsu no Sato (道の駅おおすみ「弥五郎伝説の里」)

Osumi Area Nature, Seasonal Flowers and Scenic Spots

This roadside station along National Route 269 has facilities such as a farmers' market, a rest area, a restaurant, and a hot spring, but the most prominent feature is the giant 15-meter-tall statue of Yagorodon. From the statue's plaza, you can see the town spread out before you. When the roughly 1,500 cherry trees planted here are in full bloom, the area bustles with visitors from Kagoshima and beyond.
◇Typical best viewing period: Late March - Early April
◇Number of cherry trees: ~1,500 (Somei Yoshino)

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県曽於市大隅町岩川6134番地1
Telephone Number 099-482-5666(道の駅 おおすみ弥五郎伝説の里)
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  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
  • クレジットカード
  • WIFI
  • バリアフリー対応可
  • ベジタリアンメニュー相談可
  • ムスリムメニュー相談可
  • 祈祷所


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