Kuninomatsubara, Nichinan Kaigan Quasi-National Park (くにの松原キャンプ場)

A healing space surrounded by the fragrance of pine trees

Osumi Area Nature, Seasonal Flowers and Scenic Spots

"Kuni" is an ancient word referring to the center of a "Matsubara", a pine-covered area near the seashore, hence the name "Kuninomatsubara".
The white sands of the Masumaru shore and the green pines create gorgeous scenery stretching roughly 7 km (4.4 mi).
As one of best spots to watch the sunrise in Kagoshima, the area bustles with visitors early on New Year's Day.
Kuninomatsubara has a campground, an outdoor pool, an elevated observation deck, and a walking trail, making it a fun place for kids and adults.
Try the Segway Tour, where a Segway Japan-certified instructor tells you all about the nature in Kuninomatsubara as you stroll through it on a Segway.
Due to rapid currents in the sea, the pool is recommended for swimming.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県曽於郡大崎町益丸226-1
Telephone Number 099-476-3611(くにの松原キャンプ場)
Business Days/ Hours Business Hours
[Time] 8:00am~6:00pm
Directions Approx. 100 minutes by car from Kagoshima City
Approx. 80 minutes by car from Kagoshima Airport
Website Visit Japanese Website
Social media Facebook
Notes 【Segway tour】<u><a href="https://www.kagoshima-kankou.com/for/attractions/51720" target="_blank"> https://www.kagoshima-kankou.com/for/attractions/51720 </a></u>
  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
  • クレジットカード
  • WIFI
  • バリアフリー対応可
  • ベジタリアンメニュー相談可
  • ムスリムメニュー相談可
  • 祈祷所


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