Experience the healing power of pine forests on a guided Segway tour! (日南海岸国定公園くにの松原 セグウェイガイドツアー)

Stroll through a sun-dappled pine forest on a Segway as you take in the scent of pine trees, ripples on the sea, and the songs of birds.

Osumi Area Hands-on Experience Nature Sports

Highlight Best 3

 1.  Enjoy a changing natural environment with all your senses as you ride a Segway
 2.  Learn from a guide about the history and role of the pine forest
 3.  Forest bathing, thalassotherapy, and the scent of pine trees provide supreme relaxation

[ What to know for a better experience ]
・The tour starts with instruction on how to ride a Segway, including test rides. No experience? No problem! (Taught by an English-speaking Segway Japan-certified instructor)
・The second half of the tour involves going through a pine forest on a Segway to a spot with a sea view
・An elevated observation deck in the forest provides a stunning view of the wide forest and the sea beyond it
・If you camp at the neighboring campground, you can see a sky full of stars at night and the sun rising up from the sea in the morning.
・Pool open in the summer (due to rapid currents in the sea, the pool is recommended for swimming)

[ Points of note ]
・Must be at least 16 years old
・Must wear sneakers or other shoes suitable for exercise (no high heels)
・The Segway tour accommodates three visitors, but the visitors must remain a certain distance apart; the rider in the back may have a hard time hearing the guide
・If it rains on the day of your tour, you must confirm whether the tour will be held
・The site is difficult to reach via public transportation; you must come by car

Basic Information

Address 899-7303 鹿児島県曽於郡大崎町益丸226-1
Telephone Number 099-476-3611(くにの松原キャンプ場管理棟)
Business Days/ Hours Business Hours
Open all year round

Business Hours
[Notes] *Please choose your tour start time ①9:00 ②11:00 ③13:00
Fee Participation ¥10,000(8,000 yen for visitors who reserve online (www.asoview.com) at least 3 days in advance)
Group size 1~3 people
Application deadline 3 days in advance
Other conditions Same-day and previous-day applications will not be accepted; please make your reservation in advance
Where to apply Inquire at [http://gocamp.jp/contact/] or contact us via Facebook Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/kuninomatsubara
Venue Kuninomatsubara, Nichinan Kaigan Quasi-National Park
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Website Visit Japanese Website
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