Shibushiwan Daikoku Resort Hotel (志布志湾大黒リゾートホテル)

Osumi Area Party venue (large room) available Large communal bathing area available

This hotel offers ocean views from its location on the
coast of Shibushi Bay on the Osumi Peninsula. Enjoy
wonderful views as you bathe in seawater baths or
partake of food made from local ingredients.

Basic Information

Address 899-7101 鹿児島県志布志市志布志町夏井
Telephone Number 099-473-0001
Directions 1 hour and 30 mins from
Kagoshima Airport by car.
  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
  • クレジットカード
  • WIFI
  • バリアフリー対応可
  • ベジタリアンメニュー相談可
  • ムスリムメニュー相談可
  • 祈祷所


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