Tanoura Yamamiya Shrine Dago (Dumpling) Festival (田之浦山宮神社ダゴ祭り)

Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Osumi Area Local Performing Art and Traditional Event

The Dago (Dumpling) Festival, the earliest spring festival in Kagoshima Prefecture, is an agricultural festival held to celebrate the year’s bountiful harvest in advance. It is currently held on the first Sunday in February.
The dago-bana (dumpling flowers) offered at the shrine consist of 2 meter (79 inch)-thick bamboo poles with straw wound around the tip and more than 300 dumpling skewers stuck into the straw. Stuck onto the skewers are red and white dumplings made of rice flour, as well as other foods like carrots and bell peppers. In addition to these skewers, camellia, Japanese apricot, heavenly bamboo, and kumquat branches are also included in the dago-bana, making them vibrantly colorful and beautiful. These dago-bana represent ears of rice.
After the festival, various Kanme (divine dances) are offered, such as the Tanokan-mai (Rice Paddy God Dance), Shihokijin-mai (Four Compass Point Fierce Deity Dance), and Juunishintsurugi-mai (12-god Sword Dance). The celebration concludes with a scramble for the dago-bana. Eating these dumplings is said to ensure safety throughout the year.

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