Tanegashima island

Chikura Cavern

A wonderful cavern created by the hand of nature
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The coastlines extending along Tanegashima's east and west give a completely different impression. Along the east coast you can see an eroded rocky shoreline which has been washed clean by the Pacific Ocean's rough waves.
Near the Hamada swimming beach, at the Hamada Beach is Tanegashima's only sea-eroded cavern 'Chikuranoiwaya', and it's so big it seems 1000 people could sit inside.
At low tide, by all means enter the cave to experience the seabreeze, and sounds of the waves, and the wonderful atmosphere created by the hand of nature.
* The cave is only accessable at low tide

Basic Information

Closed days Open all year round      
DirectionsIts about a 40 minute drive from Tanegashima airport to the Hamada swimming beach.
Telephone Number0997-26-1111  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県熊毛郡南種子町平山広田   Directions
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