Workshop Showcasing the Power of Wild Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Learn about Wild Herbs and Medicinal Plants, Picking and Trying Eat or Decorate with them

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Since ancient times, wild plants (many of them medicinal) have been utilized in daily life in Japan for health maintenance. Visitors can pick wild herbs that grow wild in Isa City, learn about their hidden benefits, and experience a workshop on the theme of food or crafts. Workshops can be enjoyed while interacting with local staff members specializing in wild and medicinal herbs. In the program with meals, you can enjoy a "body-friendly feast" served in an traditional style kominka. At the store, visitors can purchase original products made from wild and medicinal herbs grown without pesticides, as well as products supervised by a Japanese doctor of pharmacology.

Food workshops: Wild herb tempura made with seasonal herbs, chiffon cake, miso soup, yomogi dango, dandelion katsu, etc.
Craft workshops: flower pressing, candle making, etc. 
You can experience wild & medicinal herbs with all 5 senses in this workshop.
Meal: You can enjoy a "5 senses course meal" of wild & medicinal herbs at Yasouan, a traditional-style kominka restaurant that sits beside Kiso Falls, also known as the Niagara Falls of the Far East

Contents / Overview
a.Wild & medicinal herb workshop *only (90min) : 6,800 yen~ /person
  ・Explanation of wild & medicinal herbs, welcome drink.
  ・Herb-picking experience in the herb gardens.
  ・Food or craft workshop

b. Wild & Medicinal herb workshop and meal (3hours) : 8,800~11,000 yen/person
  ・Explanation of wild & medicinal herbs, welcome drink.
  ・Herb-picking experience in the herb gardens.
  ・Food or Craft workshop.
  ・Lunch will be served at Yasouan, where you’ll enjoy a “5 sense course” of wild & medicinal herbs.

Basic Information

Address 895-2526 鹿児島県伊佐市大口宮人633-2
Business Days/ Hours Year-round
Fee a. Wild & medicinal herb workshop only (90min) : 5,500 yen~ /person
b. Wild & Medicinal herb workshop and meal (3hours) : 8,800~11,000 yen/person

*Included in cost: Contents described above, creations made during workshops. If the herb gardens are far, pickup service is also included.
*Not included in cost:
-Additional food or drink items ordered during the meal, items purchased at the herb shop.
-English on-site guide: When you need it, please contact; ;
*Payment methods: Money transfer /Cash / Credit card
Group size 2 and up / Up to 15
Application deadline 1 week prior
Other conditions *Cancellation Policy : Cancellation date (calculated from reservation date) / Cancellation fee
3 days prior / 50%
2 days prior / 80%
Same day / 100%
Where to apply Email: (Mr. Sakamoto)
Directions By car
from Airport ... 40㎞, 45min.
from Kirishima Onsenkyo ... 41㎞, 60min.
from Kagoshima City ... 75㎞, 80min.
Website Website
Notes Hosted by Yasashii Machi, Inc. / Wild Medicinal Herb Bldg.
Reservation manager : Ms. Yoriko Watanabe


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