Kamafuta Shrine (射楯兵主神社(釜蓋神社))

You too can receive divine favor!

Nansatsu Area History and Culture

Kamafuta Shrine is a famous shrine popular for its unique worship during which visitors place a traditional rice pot lid atop their heads while praying.
The origins of the shrine's name, "Kamafuta" Shrine (iron pot lid), dates all the way back to the Asuka Period (550-710 CE).
Legend has it that when the Emperor of Japan and his guests were welcomed to the area, a great gust of wind came down once all the rice was made in a large iron rice pot and blew the pot's lid to where the Kamafuta Shrine stands today.
The surprised locals found the lid and, ever since they enshrined the lid as a deity, the shrine has been called "Kamafuta Shrine".
During the war, many people visited Kamafuta Shrine as they believed it to be housing a "god of valor" and "art of war".
More recently, many people wishing to succeed at something visit the shrine to pray for "victory", including athletes, students preparing to take an examination, and couples who desire a successful relationship.

[The Unique Worship of Kamafuta Shrine]
First, take an rice pot lid from the shrine.
Next, put the lid on your head and stand under the red torii gate.
Now, walk slowly towards the shrine while trying to balance the lid atop your head, taking care not to drop it.
* The distance to shrine from torii gate is approx. 10 meters! Keep challenging yourself -even if the lid falls off your head!
Once you reach the offering box, take the lid off from you heads and make a wish.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県南九州市頴娃町別府6827
Telephone Number 0993-38-2127(釜蓋神社管理運営委員会)
Directions 10 min. walk from "Ei-Ohkawa Station" off the JR-Ibusuki-Makurazaki line *There are only a few buses operating
Parking Mapcode 648 875 666*60
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