Kumano Shrine Oni-oi (Demon Chasing) (末吉 熊野神社の鬼追い)

Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Osumi Area Local Performing Art and Traditional Event

Oni-oi (Demon Chasing) is held at Kumano Shrine in Sueyoshi, Soo every year on January 7.
The demon in question is considered to be a benevolent demon who brings good fortune and repels calamity. At the festival, the part of the demon is played by a 25-year-old man (an age considered unlucky for men) who runs around willy-nilly (with an attendant) with gohei (Shinto ritual zigzagging paper streamers) all over his body. It is said that the more the demon rampages, the better that year’s harvest will be, and the healthier the people will be that year. It is also said that if you can tear off one of the demon’s gohei, you will have a year of good health.
The Oni-oi festival originates from Shusho-e, a traditional event held early in the new year to pray for a good harvest and peace. The festival is said to go back 1,250 years.
The festival was originally held at Komyoji, a temple near Kumano Shrine. However, Komyoji was abolished in the persecution of Buddhism in the late 19th century. Therefore, Kumano Shrine took over the event.
Shusho-e is a memorial service held at Buddhist temples every January to reflect on the previous year, right wrongs, and pray for peace and a good harvest in the new year. The service typically lasts seven days, but this duration varies depending on the temple. One aspect of Shusho-e is ceremonies to drive out evil spirts.

Basic Information

Address 899-8606 鹿児島県曽於市末吉町深川5892
Business Days/ Hours Event Days
7 Jan
Venue Kumano Shrine
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