Located at the foot of the majestic Kirishima Mountain Range, Takachiho Farm is a sightseeing farm surrounded by nature, where visitors can interact with cows, horses and sheep. There are plenty of activities for both adults and children to enjoy such as cow milking, butter making and horse riding. 

The restaurant offers delicious yakiniku (grilled meat) while the food court offers a wide variety of dishes such as pizza and curry. The homemade soft-served ice cream made with freshly squeezed milk is a must-try.

Best time to see sunflowers: late July to mid-August
Best time to see cosmos: mid-October to early November

Basic Information

Address 宮崎県都城市吉之元町5265-103
Telephone Number 0986-33-2102
Business Days/ Hours Open all year round
Business Hours 9:00~17:30(April to October)
9:00~17:00(November to March)
Website Visit Japanese Website


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