Sendai Great Tug-of-War (川内大綱引)

One of the largest and most exciting festivals in Japan

Hokusatsu Area Festival Local Performing Art and Traditional Event

Every year Satsumasendai City holds a great tug of war involving 3,000 men and a 365-meter rope weighing more than 7 tons. People from across the country and even other parts of Asia attend the 420-year-old event, which is believed to be among the oldest and largest tug of war in Japan.

Almost everyone in the city has some part to play, making it an exciting time to be in the city. From early morning, local people gather to make the rope. In the evening, the 1,500 men on each side of the contest don either red or white headbands to take part in the high-energy pull of the rope and the intense battle to push their opponents off it.

The event takes place along Route 3 through the city, so there are plenty of places alongside the road to take in all the action. The great tug of war begins with a blessing of the rope by a Shinto priest, offering a fascinating insight into Japanese religious customs. The whole event typically lasts a few hours and there are a number of hawkers selling delicious local food and drink.

After the impressive pull, the winner is crowned, and babies are placed on the rope for good luck. Then the rope is cut up and participants and spectators can take a piece home. Typically, this rope is used as a home-made New Year decoration on the door to bring the residents good luck, so go along and take your chance to bring a bit of good luck home with you.

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県薩摩川内市鳥追町
Telephone Number 0996-21-1851(川内大綱引保存会)
Business Days/ Hours Event Days
22 Sep
Directions About a 10 minute walk from the JR Sendai Station
About a one hour drive from Kagoshima Chuo Station
Website Visit Japanese Website
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  • ムスリムメニュー相談可
  • 祈祷所


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