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Northern Satsuma Peninsula

Sendai Great Tug-of-War

This impressive traditional event uses a 365 meter rope and 3000 people pulling from both ends
22 Sep 2018 (Sat)  
The rope used in this event is braided for half a day by 1500 people starting on the morning of the event.
The length of the rope is amazing 365 meters, and tips the scales upwards of 7 tons.
come nightfall, when the event starts, shirtless men called 'hadaka' who wear a white 'sarashi' all start pulling at once.
Including the 'oshigun', which is a group of men who penetrate the opposing team to throw them off, 3000 people fierce and physical in this heroic tug of war.

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Event Days 22 Sep 2018 (Sat)       [Time] 7:00pm      
DirectionsAbout a 10 minute walk from the JR Sendai Station
About a one hour drive from Kagoshima Chuo Station
Telephone Number0996-21-1851  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81