Arasa Festival (Teruhi Shrine Spring Festival) (荒佐祭り(照日神社春祭り))

Osumi Area Local Performing Art and Traditional Event

The Arasa Festival, held on the second Sunday in March, is the annual spring festival of Teruhi Shrine in Arasa in the Nogata district of Osaki. With its long-held place as one of the three major festivals in Soo County, the Arasa Festival (Teruhi Shrine Spring Festival) is steeped in history and tradition. The deity enshrined there is well known as a god of matchmaking. The customary divine dances, theatrical performances, and kendo tournament held on the shrine grounds thrill the crowd made up of locals and visitors from elsewhere.
One distinctive feature of the Arasa Festival is its traditional divine dances, which are carried on by the Divine Dance Preservation Society. At the 2009 Spring Festival, the Urayasu no Mai (a sacred dance based on a poem written by the Emperor Showa) was performed for the first time in 67 years. The divine dances of Teruhi Shrine were inherited from Tsuma Shrine in the Karijuku area of Osaki and were first performed at Teruhi Shrine on February 5, 1893. These divine dances, which are handed down by the Nogata Preservation Society, include the Kokijin no Hitori-mai (Solo Small Fierce Deity Dance), Jiwari-mai/Yumi-mai (Bow Dance), Yatate (Arrow Standing), Yanuki (Arrow Removal), Yottai Kijin (Four Fierce Deities), Kine-mai (Pestle Dance), and Ta-no-Kami (Rice Paddy God).

Basic Information

Address 899-8313 鹿児島県曽於郡大崎町野方2876−8
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Early Mar
Venue Teruhi Shrine
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