Located at the southernmost part of the Amami Islands, Yoron is a coral island surrounded by white sand and beaches. The island is well known as the 'Oriental Pearl.' Blended with a strong influence of the Ryukyu culture, Yoron has a unique history and culture.

Yurigahama Beach

Surrounded by white star-shaped sand and emerald-colored sea, the beach appears 1.5km away from the island at a low tide during a limited period from spring to autumn.
The size of Yurigahama changes day by day. The island sank under the sea during high tide.

Kaichu Kyuden (Sea Palace)

There is a sea palace at 18m beneath, resembling an ancient Greek palace. Through the colorful coral road and pillars, the palace appears. Along with colorful fish, a guardian deity dwells in the mysterious palace. The palace is popular as a underwater wedding venue.

Yoron's sister city, Mykonos,Greece

Since 1984, Yoron has a sister city relationship with Mykonos City in Greece. "Mykonos Street" on Yoron, featuring an amazing contrast between the blue ocean and white buildings and monuments, is an ideal photo spot.

Exchange of Drinks

"Yoron Kenpo" is the traditional way of drinking. Each person gives a short speech and empties the cup, then passes it the next person. By sharing one cup and giving speeches about themselves and appreciation to the opportunity, their relationship gets closer as the amount of the drink increases.


Thank you 『To-to ganashi』

Hello 『Gamya-biran』

Goodbye 『Mata ua-ryo』

History of hardship

Amami Islands are considered as the important sites for trade and defense due to its geographical feature. Originally it was independent trade nation but under ruled by different sovereigns changed (Ryukyu, Satsuma clan, USA for 8 years after war) the WWII several times.


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