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Visit Sakurajima: A Volcano in the Middle of Kagoshima City

Known for its frequent eruptions and beautiful views, Sakurajima in Kagoshima is a popular tourist destination with various activities for visitors to enjoy.
kagoshima kuroushi

Savouring Kagoshima’s Wagyu

All your need to know about the prefecture’s black beef
© Kagoshima City

Eating and Drinking Your Way Around Kagoshima

All you need to know to appreciate southern Kyushu’s unique cuisine
Guide to Japan

The Connection Between England and Kagoshima: British Influence on Modern Japan

Head to Kagoshima to discover the historic landmarks exploring Japan’s rapid path to industrialization. Plan your journey with JAL today!
Re-Wild Kagoshima: The ultimate healing experience of interacting with the “Happy Horses”-1

Re-Wild Kagoshima: The ultimate healing experience of interacting with the “Happy Horses”

The real healing begins here
Discover Amami Oshima-1

Discover Amami Oshima

Kagoshima Food Adventure-1

Kagoshima Food Adventure

Roam the tropical fairytale landscape of Japan’s south-1

Roam the tropical fairytale landscape of Japan’s south

Now is the time for a bike trip! Cycle beautiful Kagoshima-1

Now is the time for a bike trip! Cycle beautiful Kagoshima



Voices from foreigners living in Kagoshima.
Cherry blossom viewing information-1

Cherry blossom viewing information

Cherry blossoms and azaleas in bloom bring tidings of the beautiful spring.
Kagoshima has cherry blossom viewing spots all over the prefecture where you can revel in spring.
Kagoshima wagyu scoops top awards at national “Wagyu Olympics”-1

Kagoshima wagyu scoops top awards at national “Wagyu Olympics”

Fired up about bullfights-1

Fired up about bullfights

At Tokunoshima’s bullfighting tournaments, visitors can see the superbly trained bulls take on each other and the strategies of each seko (person who supports the fighting bull). The island comes alive with excitement.


Located in the rural northwest of Kagoshima on the border with Kumamoto Prefecture, Hokusatsu offers visitors the chance to relax, unwind and take things slow.
Ibusuki and Sata: A Resort Rich in Local Legend-1

Ibusuki and Sata: A Resort Rich in Local Legend

Located in the very south of Kirishima-Kinkowan National Park, the Ibusuki and Sata regions are blessed with a subtropical climate, a dramatic coastline, and numerous onsen hot springs.
Illumination Spots in Kagoshima-1

Illumination Spots in Kagoshima

The day grows shorter in winter in Japan and it gets dark at around 6 pm in Kagoshima in December.
There are many places around Kagoshima Prefecture where you can enjoy the illumination.
The Traditional Festivals of Osumi-1

The Traditional Festivals of Osumi

Shibushi Coast Festival Encyclopedia
Amazing Kagoshima-1

Amazing Kagoshima

You can see many instagrammable spots in Kagoshima.Descriptions and more images are available from here.
Explore a Land of Legends-1

Explore a Land of Legends

Kirishima, literally “island of mist,” is a mountainous region shrouded in fog, myth and legend. Ancient Kirishima Jingu Shrine is the gateway to this mystical region and its mythology.
Shochu Tasting, Distillery Tour-1

Shochu Tasting, Distillery Tour

With 113 distilleries and over 2000 different brands, Kagoshima is known as the kingdom of shochu.
Enjoy the 'Autumn' of Kagoshima-1

Enjoy the 'Autumn' of Kagoshima

Hot Spring Kingdom Kagoshima-1

Hot Spring Kingdom Kagoshima

Hot Spring Kingdom Kagoshima has 2,730 hot spring sources which is the second largest number in Japan!
Furthermore, Kagoshima is the only place in the world where you can experience a "natural" steam sand bath.


Located on the west of Amami-Oshima Island, Kikaijima is an island of the raised coral reef . A huge underground dam provides water for farming.
Amami Islands-1

Amami Islands



A world-famous active volcano that spews ash almost every day


Located at the southernmost part of the Amami Islands, Yoron is a coral island surrounded by white sand and beaches. Blended with a strong influence of the Ryukyu culture, Yoron has a unique history and culture.
Kagoshima Craftwork-1

Kagoshima Craftwork

Marine Port Kagoshima-1

Marine Port Kagoshima

Steam Sand Baths-1

Steam Sand Baths

Enjoy unique natural steam sand baths on geothermally heated beaches
Yakushima Island-1

Yakushima Island

Magnificent nature designated as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site
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