Sightseeing Train "Orange Shokudo" (おれんじ食堂(観光列車))

Hokusatsu Area Rail Hands-on Experience Local Specialties and Folk Crafts Transportation (Vehicles) Gourmet

Leisurely observe the beautiful coastal scenery of the Yatsushiro Sea and East China Sea while enjoying seasonal dishes from Kagoshima and Kumamoto on this sightseeing train. Choose from the Breakfast Train, Special Lunch Train, Cruising Dinner Train or Bar Train. 

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県川内駅~新八代駅
Telephone Number 0996-63-6861(Orange Shokudo Reservation Center (open 10:00–16:00; closed on weekends and holidays))
Business Hours The train runs on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, but exceptions apply.

※The train can be chartered on other days for private use. Please inquire with the reservation center for details.
Fee The prices, meals and train cars vary according to the package on offer. Please see the website for more details.
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