Izumi Rent-a-Cycle (Hirarin) (出水レンタサイクル「HIRARIN」)

Hokusatsu Area Bicycle

The tourist information center and special product shop connected to Izumi Station rents bicycles so visitors can easily see the sights of Izumi. Enjoy a relaxing cycle around the town to places such as Izumi-Fumoto Samurai Residences, the oldest former residential area of samurai in Kagoshima prefecture, and Hakozaki Hachiman Shrine, which has the largest shrine bell in Japan. 

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県出水市上鯖渕715-16(JR出水駅内)
Telephone Number 0996-79-3030(一般社団法人出水市観光特産品協会)
Fee Regular/City Bicycle
500 yen for up to 4 hours (100 yen for each additional hour)
Cross Bike
1,000 yen for up to 4 hours (200 yen for each additional hour)
Website https://www.izumi-navi.jp/en/
Notes Rental checklist
- A valid ID, such as a passport, is required.
- A helmet is required. (One will be provided.)
- Bicycles must be returned to the rental shop.
- Children must be at least 120cm (3 foot 9 inches) tall and accompanied by an adult.
- There is a limited number of bicycles. (Reservations can be made.)


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