Yakusugi Cedar Land

  • Yakusugi Cedar Land1
You can casually explore the virgin forest of Yakushima with 1,000-year old Yaku cedars. You may encounter wild animals such as deer and monkeys. There are four courses to choose from depending to your time and stamina.

Mt. Miyanoura

  • Mt. Miyanoura1
The highest mountain (1,935m) in Kyushu stands proud in the center of Yakushima and is called the Alps on the Ocean.

Jomonsugi Cedar

  • Jomonsugi Cedar1
The largest confirmed Yaku cedar is 25.3m tall and 16.4m round.

Wilson's Stump

  • Wilson's Stump1
The stump is 32 meters in circumference and 4.4 meters across at chest level. Inside is a large hollow space with natural spring water rising from the ground and a small shrine. If you look toward the sky at a certain angle, the stump appears to be heart shaped.

Senpironotaki Falls

  • Senpironotaki Falls1
The great falls streams down from a giant sheet of granite, 400×200m in size.

Okonotaki Falls

  • Okonotaki Falls1
The tallest Falls in South Kyushu with an 88m drop.

Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine

  • Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine1
A magical world of verdant mosses
The Ravine became famous since Hayao Miyazaki used it as inspiration for the animated film "Princess Mononoke". It is a mysterious ravine with moss that densely covers the rocks and trees, and features a clear flowing pure stream. There are strange looking trees along the trails in the virgin forest, making you feel like you have wondered into a wonderland.

Town Map

  • Anbo
  • Miyanoura
  • Hirauchi
  • Onoaida
  • Nagata
  • Kurio
  • Koseda