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Amami Park

The appeal of Amami packed into a multifaceted facility
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Amami park doesn't just focus on Amami Oshima, it is a multifaceted facility that presents the nature, culture, and history of the Amami Islands.
Inside the facility is an art museum where many great works from the master painter Isson Tanaka, who was facinated by the nature of Amami, are displayed, as well as a garden that recreates the character of Amami's vegetation which is also popular.
You can also enjoy Amami's local dish 'keihan' chicken rice at the restaurant on the second floor.

Basic Information

Business Hours Sep - Jun       [Time] 9:00am~6:00pm      
Business Hours Jul - Aug       [Time] 9:00am~7:00pm      
Closed days Wed       [Notes] The first and third Wednesdays of the month (day of closure will be the following day in the event that those days are holidays)
  • Adults ¥620
  • University students ¥410
  • Senior high school students ¥410
  • Children ¥310
Telephone Number0997-55-2333  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県奄美市笠利町節田1834   Directions
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  • Barrier-free Facility
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