Chirin Island (Chiringashima)

Known as a matchmaking spot for couples because the sandbar is reminiscent of a bridge or bond.
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Chirin Island(Chiringashima) is an uninhabited island in Kinko Bay roughly 3km around and 90m high.
Known as "the island of mystery" since ancient times, it is connected to the mainland by sand bar when the spring tide is at low tide.
The sandbar appears for one to four hours a day(depends on the weather) only during October from March.
It takes about 800m at low tide enabling you to walk across to the island in about 20 minutes.

Basic Information

Event Days Mar - Oct      
Directions15 minute walk from the "Eco-camp-jyou / Chiringashima iriguchi" Bus stop, 15 minute taxi ride from JR Ibusuki station
Telephone Number0993-22-2111  ※Japan's International Country Code is 81
Address 鹿児島県指宿市西方   Directions
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