Kagoshima city

Sogadon no Kasayaki

This traditional event celebrates Kagoshima's unique education system "Goju education".
Late Jul  
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This festival has its origins in the event that happened about 800 years ago, in which the Soga brothers burned their umbrellas as torches when they avenged their father's death.
Never forgetting their parents, the brothers finally accomplished their revenge after 17 years.
This story of their filial piety is told for generations.
A pile of old umbrellas is set alight on the bank of Kotsuki River running through the center of Kagoshima City.
The blaze is so powerful it feels as if it will burn the night sky.

Basic Information

Event Days Late Jul      
Address 鹿児島県鹿児島市高麗町甲突川河畔   Directions
Venue Banks of Kotsuki River, Korai-cho, Kagoshima City
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