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Kirishima is renowned throughout Japan for its geological wonders, historical shrine and plentiful hot springs. 
The area of Kirishima was the first to be designated as a national park in 1934 in Japan and is one of the most richly diverse national parks. Today, the much larger Kirishima Kinkowan National Park is home to volcanic mountains, crater lakes, hiking trails and rich biodiversity.  It is a place of scenic mountain beauty where there is a concentration of volcanoes and crater lakes such as Mt. Karakuni (1,700m and the highest), Mt. Takachiho and Mt. Shinmoe. It is blessed with virgin forests of chinkapin, evergreen oak and red pine, and pristine wilderness, as evident in the song "Hana wa Kirishima (Kirishima is full of flowers)", and in the mountains you can enjoy anything from light walking, hiking to serious trekking. The area is legendary in the ancient mythology of Japan, and you can also see famous sites associated with the legends and traditional performances.

Explore nature

Kirishima is a place of scenic wilderness with several mountains over 1,500 meters; virgin forests of chestnut, oak and pine; and flora that blooms year-round. It’s possible to enjoy all levels of walking followed by a well-deserved dip in a hot spring. There is even a volcanic mud hot spring that smooths skin! 

Trekking in Kirishima, feeling the seasons

Kirishima Mountain Ranges are dotted with forests inhabited by wild birds and cobalt blue lakes and the beauty of the mountains can be enjoyed throughout the year. In particular, springtime when Kyushu Azalea are blooming, early summer when new greenery is sparkling and fall when crimson foliage is abundant are the best times for hiking and trekking.

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Lake Onami

Crater lake in the highest altitude in Japan
Lake Onami at 1,412 meter elevation is the highest crater lake in the highest place in Japan. It takes about 50 minutes to reach from the start of the trail, and you can view the tranquil surface of the lake that reflects the image of the woods and Karakuni Peak.

Body and soul enveloped in the rising steam.

There are many hot spring baths in the area of Kirishima where you can enjoy all kinds of spring quality while feeling the richness of nature in every season. Kirishima is also one of the best hot spring sites in Japan.

Learn history 

Home to Kirishima Jingu Shrine, a site important in Japan’s origin story, Kirishima is also a fascinating place to explore the ancient mythology of the country. Traditional performances of music and dance bring the legends to life.

Kirishima Shrine

South Kyushu's largest Shinto shrine mentioned in Japan's oldest historical document
The shrine is dedicated to Niniginomikoto. The Vermilion lacquered shrine was donated by the 21st lord of the Shimadzu Clan, Yoshitaka. It is an important cultural property of Japan (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Black vinegar museum Tsubobatake

Find out about traditional health foods
The area of Fukuyama along Kinko Bay is known as the home of the famous black vinegar in Japan. After touring the old-fashioned Tsubobatake and seeing how black vinegar is made, you can enjoy tasting and buying it as well (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

●Sakamoto Brewing Co., Ltd. +81-995-54-7200

The Forest of Uenohara Jomon Site

Travel back to the ancient past
The ruins of a large settlement, which was first inhabited in the Jomon era, approximately 9,500 years ago. Try your hand at making earthenware and build a fire (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Kirishima Open-air Museum

Outdoor art museum in nature
An open-air art museum set in an expansive 13-hectare site. Here you can enjoy the realms of world artists while taking a stroll (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Takachiho Farm

Have a relaxing time with animals in nature
Play in the fields, play with animals and enjoy a barbeque. Relax in nature... (refer to the Reference Materials for details).


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