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Koshikishima Islands

The Koshikishima Islands are located in the East China Sea to the northwest of Kagoshima, with a population of about 6,000 people.
They are made up of three main islands: Kamikoshiki, Nakakoshiki and Shimokoshiki, and several smaller islands in the surrounding area.

Environmental wonders

Part of the Koshikishima Quasi-National Park, the islands boast stunning scenery and dynamic landscapes, including cliffs formed 80 million years ago, which can be viewed by sea kayak or ocean cruise. It’s even possible to spot dinosaur fossils! Other popular sights are Nagame no Hama, a beautiful sandbar 50 meters wide and 4 kilometers long, and Sebi Kannon Mitaki, a giant three-tiered waterfall. The islands are also recognized as one of the country’s important bird areas, making them a birdwatchers’ paradise.

Rich culture

Fresh produce, such as kibinago (silver-stripe round herring) and subtropical fruits like passionfruit, feature prominently in the culinary traditions. Why not try kaisendon, a rice bowl topped with fresh sashimi-style fish and seafood? And what better accompaniment to your meal that a performance on the gottan, a guitar-like musical instrument popular among local people. 

Each island has its unique landforms

Each island has its unique landforms, and their great scenery has attracted many visitors.

These islands' unique landforms, which are interesting when viewed up close, are the envy of many geologists because the changing environment here allows one to feel the evolution of Earth.

There are many locations on the islands where one can witness the unique landforms of Koshikishima Island.

The Tombolo View Spot at Satocho on Kamikoshiki Island overlooks a great tombolo (sand bar) almost 1km in length.

A tombolo is a deposition landform in which an island is attached to the mainland by a narrow piece of land such as a spit or sand bar. Approximately 1,300 people live on this tombolo.

From "Nagame-no-Hama", one can enjoy a breathtaking overview of Lake Namako.

A sandbar of about 2km formed by the deposit of small pebbles has cut off a segment of the sea into a beautiful lagoon, and reminds people of the slow passing time on the island.

Be sure not to miss "Napoleon rock", a famous tourist spot in the Shimokoshiki area.

Standing 127m above the sea surface, the side profile of this strangely shaped rock resembles the great Frenchman Napoleon, hence the name "Napoleon Rock".

The "Senoo-no-Kannon Santaki" waterfall falls from a height of 55m down a triple step cliff. The surroundings are filled with cool and refreshing air.

At the Yohagi Maruyama Park, one can clearly see the earth's stratified layers in the Page Iwa cliff.

Ancient fossils are often discovered here. Last year, the fossil of a tooth of the herbivorous dinosaur Ceratopsidoe was found in an 80 million year old earth stratum in the Kashima area.

Not limited to viewing from afar, one can actually access some of the rocky escarpments, which are a few minutes walk from the Sesenoura village.

Napoleon Rock blends in with the Sesenoura village surroundings, and the villagers have long referred to the rock fondly as "Chuuse".

Hasshiri Observatory overlooks the Kashima area of Shimokoshiki, Nakakoshiki and Kamikoshiki islands. It is interesting to compare the view with a map.

We recommend the Dangai Tour, which brings visitors around the island on a boat.

Looking at the islands from the sea brings a refreshing perspective.

Be sure to visit Koshikishima Island - natural beauty formed from the waves, breeze, and Earth's evolution.

Koshikishima cycle routes

Koshikishima cycle routes-1

This route takes you around the three islands of Koshikishima, administratively part of the city of Ichikikushikino. Experience the thrill of cycling as you breeze across the bridges between islands. Beyond the plunging cliffs with their 80 million-year-old geological layers, this is a place steeped in history.

Koshikishima cycle routes


The "High Speed Boat Koshikishima" operates two round trips a day between Kawauchi Port and Koshikishima in as little as 50 minutes.
"Ferry New Koshiki" operates two round trips a day between Kushikino Port and Koshikijima, taking at least 75 minutes.

A family trip to Koshikishima Islands by Ferry

A family trip to Koshikishima Islands by Ferry-1

You can check out the YouTube video to see how to load your car onto the ferry and cross to Koshikishima Island.


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