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Nakasatsuma (Central Satsuma)

Encounter seasonal flavors

~Pick-your-own Farm~

Enjoy the fun of picking fresh fruits grown in an abundant natural environment throughout the year at Pick-your-own farms all around the prefecture (refer to the Reference Materials for details).

Miyama, Higashi Ichiki

~The Home of Satsuma Pottery~

Located adout 25 kilometers northwest of Kagoshima City. The Miyama district in Higashi-Ichiki is the place where Korean potters settled during the Yi dynasty, about 400 years ago. This district is known as the home of Satsuma-yaki pottery, whitch follows the tradition of ancient Korean pottery. Currently 12 kilns are in operation and open to visitors. In septenber 1989, Mr. Chin Jukan, the fourteen head hourse of the Satsumayaki, was inaugurated as Korean Honorary Consul General in Japan. The Yunomoto hot spring is nearby. This location has been used as a spring camp by professional Japanese asnd Korean baseball teams.


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