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Historic tales abound: the Koshikishima Route

This route takes you around the three islands of Koshikishima, administratively part of the city of Ichikikushikino. Experience the thrill of cycling as you breeze across the bridges between islands. Beyond the plunging cliffs with their 80 million-year-old geological layers, this is a place steeped in history. Walk through the Japan Heritage-listed "fumoto," or towns where the Satsuma samurai lived, either Sato Fumoto in the north of the islands or Teuchi Fumoto in the south. Also visit the Satsuma Students Museum to discover the young men who contributed to the modernization of Japan.

Features of the Koshikishima Route

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Course data

Departure/Arrrival point Start: Sendai Port, Finish: Sendai Port
Circular route using sea route from Sendai Port - Sato Port, Nagahama Port - Kushikino Shinko Port
Distance Approximately 100.8 km
(Koshikishima 72.7 km, Mainland Kagoshima 28.1 km)
Elevation gain Approximately 960 m


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