Yamamiya Shrine Spring Festival (Anraku, Shibushi) (志布志町安楽 山宮神社の春祭り)

Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Osumi Area Local Performing Art and Traditional Event

On the Osumi Peninsula, there are three Yamamiya Shrines (in Tanoura, Shibushi; Anraku, Shibushi; and Kushira, Kanoya), each of which holds a spring festival to pray for a bountiful harvest. These festivals are a staple of springtime. The Yamamiya Shrine Spring Festival involves a “rice planting” event in which bamboo skewers made to resemble rice seedlings are planted on the grounds of the shrine, as well as a hamakudari (procession to the sea). The festival at Yakura Shrine features Tauchi (paddy tilling), in which the shrine grounds stand in for a rice paddy and are tilled with a hoe; Ushizukai (cow taming), in which people wear cow masks and pull plows; and Tanemaki (seed planting), in which seed rice is planted. In the shrine’s hall of worship, a priest holding a moromugi (a type of Japanese fern) branch dances the Taue-mai (rice planting dance). On the shrine grounds, young adults engage in Kagihiki, a tug of war with hooked poles used to till rice paddies.
All of these festivals involve a Shogatsu-odori (New Year’s Dance) performed by dancers masked in black hoods and wearing crest-bearing haori (kimono jackets) and momohiki (leggings).

Basic Information

Address 899-7104 鹿児島県志布志市志布志町安楽1519-2
Business Days/ Hours Event Days
Early Feb
Venue Anraku, Shibushi: Yamamiya Shrine
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  • 祈祷所


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