Futsuhara Kumano Shrine Divine Dances (蓬原熊野神社の神舞)

Intangible Folk Cultural Property

Osumi Area Local Performing Art and Traditional Event

The Futsuhara Kumano Shrine Divine Dances have a long history going back 400 years.
In 1971, under the tutelage of Takichi Nishiyama, a youth group revived all of these dances. In 1979, these dances were designated as a Kagoshima Prefectural Intangible Folk Cultural Property. Currently, the dances are performed as offerings at Kumano Shrine every year on November 23.
There are 42 divine dances of Kumano Shrine, but we will focus on Yottai Kijin-mai (Four Fierce Deities Dance) and Juunishintsurugi-mai (12-God Sword Dance).
The Yottai Kijin-mai is a majestic, ancient dance in which the fierce deities of the East, South, West, and North, wearing megin (dancing cloaks) of different colors (white, red, yellow, and blue, respectively) fight over a single halberd. Hauchiwa (magical feather fans), sticks, and a halberd are used as props in the dance.
The Juunishintsurugi-mai is at times solemn and intense; the dancers, all holding swords and bells, dance in a circle.

Basic Information

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23 Nov
Venue Futsuhara Kumano Shrine
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