• An island of flowers and limestone caverns: the Okinoerabujima Route-0

An island of flowers and limestone caverns: the Okinoerabujima Route

Okinoerabujima is some 60 km around, so it can be circled in a single day's riding. The coastal road is fairly flat, so you can enjoy the sea breeze in your hair. With 300-odd caves large and small on the island, you really should put on your explorer hat and take a caving tour. 

Okinoerabujima itinerary

※Light-green lines on the map represent courses suitable for beginners.

Course data
Departure/Arrrival point Start: Wadomari Port, Finish: Wadomari Port
Distance Approximately 56.9 km
Elevation gain Approximately 415 m
This raised coral island is characterized by a rugged coastline and cream-colored sandy beaches.
At Hanzaki, a cape of plunging cliffs, there are no handrails and there is a sense of vast open space.
All cyclists will appreciate the northern part of the island, free from guardrails and electricity poles, particularly the "fucha" blowholes.


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