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Where to ride? Recommended cycle routes

The cycle routes of Kagoshima are full of variety. Here you can enjoy not just stunning seaside rides but cycle around UNESCO World Heritage islands, or island-hop across bridges - cycle touring experiences available only here. Pick a route to suit the season and your travel buddies, then do not just ride, enjoy some tourist treasures and gourmet eats as well. So where will your next bike adventure take you?   

Kitasatsuma area itinerary

Ride through unspoiled landscapes: the Hokusatsu Route
Hokusatsu is located near the boundary with Kumamoto Prefecture and is a region to enjoy nostalgic satoyama landscape and scenic hot springs. Along the coast road are white sand beaches, where the orange sun setting over the East China Sea is tonic for the soul. Look forward to a gourmet experience too, as the seafood and mountain produce here are second to none.

Historic tales abound: the Koshikishima Route
This route takes you around the three islands of Koshikishima, administratively part of the city of Ichikikushikino. Experience the thrill of cycling as you breeze across the bridges between islands. Beyond the plunging cliffs with their 80 million-year-old geological layers, this is a place steeped in history. Walk through the Japan Heritage-listed "fumoto," or towns where the Satsuma samurai lived, either Sato Fumoto in the north of the islands or Teuchi Fumoto in the south. Also visit the Satsuma Students Museum to discover the young men who contributed to the modernization of Japan.

Kumage area itinerary

Space up close: the Tanegashima Route
The Tanegashima Route takes you into an area with close associations with space, through subtropical landscapes surrounded by fields of sugar cane along a hugely enjoyable island road with beautiful ocean views. While on the island, do not miss other activities to make the most of the stunning environment such as surfing and yoga.

Breathe deep amid the soothing wilds: the Yakushima Route
Yakushima now has a high profile worldwide for its pristine natural environment. You can feel the life force of the minus ion-rich virgin forest, and be surprised by an encounter with native deer or macaques. A unique experience awaits you here. 

Amami Oshima Island itinerary

Ride through gorgeous forests: the Amami Oshima Route
Threading between mountains and the sea, this stunning road must be on every cyclist's bucket list. This is a route that will immerse you in the culture and nature of Amami Oshima from native mangrove forests to white sand beaches.

A simple, refreshing island: the Tokunoshima Route
This gently undulating route is the same as that used for the Tokunoshima triathlon. Sights include the dynamic Mushiroze rocks and beautiful sea views. In the evening, you may encounter a fighting bull taking a walk. 

An island of flowers and limestone caverns: the Okinoerabujima Route
Okinoerabujima is some 60 km around, so it can be circled in a single day's riding. The coastal road is fairly flat, so you can enjoy the sea breeze in your hair. With 300-odd caves large and small on the island, you really should put on your explorer hat and take a caving tour. 
(Photos: Okinoerabujima Tourism Association)


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