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Cycling information

We have useful information for you to enjoy safe and enjoyable cycle tourism. Please check before you take your trip.

Welcoming the Cyclists

Kagoshima Cycle Station
Kagoshima Cycle Station offers bicycle parking, pumps, restrooms, and hydration. Google Map locations can be seen on the respective websites.

Cyclist-Friendly Lodgings
These facilities offer various services, such as indoor bicycle storage, luggage keeping, and laundry, to the cyclists

Getting there is half the fun: the cycle train

Hisatsu Orange Railway runs a Cycle Train allowing riders to take their bikes on board without dismantling them. Enjoy a nice and easy cycle tour with your favorite stead. Please check the sections of the railway and departures offering the service at the public website below.

Shipping a bicycle

There are many means of transport to get to Kagoshima, including air, shinkansen, high-speed boat and ferry. Here we cover how to take your bicycle with you.

Assembly at the airport
Kagoshima Airport is equipped with a cycle station where you can assemble or dismantle your bike. It is located near the Tourist Information Center on the 1st floor of the Domestic Terminal, where you can also borrow a toolkit or pump.

A tandem cycle is fun for everyone

Kagoshima Prefecture has permitted tandem cycling on public roads since 2018. Check the Kagoshima Police Department Headquarters website about tandem cycling and ride safe. The Kagoshima Cycle Tourism Promotion Council works to promote the safe enjoyment of cycle tourism by all.


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