Seppetobe (せっぺとべ【開催中止】)

Get covered in mud and pray for a year of bountiful crops

Nakasatsuma Area Local Performing Art and Traditional Event

Seppetobe is a planting festival in the Hiyoshi area that has been passed down since the 4th year of the Bunroku era (about 400 years ago).
Young folks from the village gather into a circle in the field, and drink, and jump up and down with vigor while they sing songs.
By neading the mud and tilling the earth with your feet, and squishing the noxious insects, you get muddy and pray for this year's bountiful crop
On the day of the festival the town folks and children's associations make offerings of bo dances and komuso dances, and the town is wrapped up in liveliness the whole day.
* Seppetobe means to jump with all you might

Basic Information

Address 鹿児島県日置市日吉町日置八幡神社、吉利鬼丸神社
Telephone Number 099-248-9409(日置市役所観光戦略係)
Business Days/ Hours Event Days

Event Days
[Notes] First Sunday of June, every year
Venue Hioki Hachiman Shrine
Yoshitoshi Oiman Shrine
Directions About 15 minutes by car from the JR Ijuin Station.
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